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Andullation is applied with the certified ANDUMEDIC® 3 Professional medical device that includes powerful integrated vibration motors and infrared depth radiators. ANDUMEDIC® 3 Professional was developed in close collaboration with scientists, university clinics and doctors.

For over a decade, it has been used by a great number of professional users to support patients with pain relief: preventive, acute and rehabilitating. The technology is unique and combines the positive effect of mechanical vibration with infrared deep heat.

A patent application for this technology is on hand (IR trademark: 952 884)

Your benefits

  • Enhancing vitality by new energy
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Immediate relief of acute pain
  • Performance enhancement by its regenerative function
  • Stress relief by its relaxation effects
  • Low personnel expenses
  • Choice among 6 basic programs and 14 medical programs
  • Tax-deductible
  • Suitable upholstery for multiple treatments a day

The ANDUMEDIC® 3 Pro­fes­sio­nal - the components at a glance

The ANDUMEDIC® 3 Professional is used for the three areas of pain relief, regeneration and well-being. It can effect a clearly noticeable pain relief for many health problems and symptoms. After doing sports or following physical exertion, its effect is regenerative on the body and mind, thus improving achievement potential and performance. In addition, the ANDUMEDIC® 3 Professional can slow down the aging process by stimulating the natural collagen production.

Enhancing health and boosting the quality of life always stand in the forefront with hhp, encouraging and motivating us continuously to develop and improve the products and conduct extensive research. We want to give professionals the opportunity to reap the benefits and to achieve added value.

The powerful components of
the ANDUMEDIC® 3 Pro­fes­sio­nal

  • Medical neck cushion

    The two infrared sources have, thanks to the warming effect, a beneficial influence upon the muscular groups in the neck zone.

  • Medical back cushion

    The flexible and portable infrared cushion has three warmth intensities and a supplementary accessory : the ‘blinking light’. This enhances pain alleviation in the back zone.

  • Medical Belt-Andullator

    Provided with two extra andullation motors, the andullation belt intensifies the impulses at the belly and torso level. This way, the benefic vibrations penetrate deeper into the body.

  • Medical Foot reflexology

    By stimulating the reflexology zones of the feet, it is possible to influence corresponding organs and body tissues.

For the ANDUMEDIC® 3 professional, only 2 square meters of surface are needed.

Pain relief already after 15 minutes

ANDUMEDIC®3 Pro­fes­sio­nal - the medical device
with the powerful Andullation technology for
health-care professionals

The treatment with the Andullation technology consists of 21 powerful vibration motors for the generation of mechanical vibration and 6 intense infrared lights for the delivery of infrared deep heat.

The powerful vibration motors

The generation of mechanical vibrations is caused by 21 powerful vibration engines, which are aligned to the specific points of the human body. The nerves under the skin absorb this through so-called receptors, and ensure that electrical currents are triggered in the body. This forms the basis to achieve the desired effects.

  • 15 powerful vibration motors incorporated in the system

    The motors are synchronized, which allow the vibrations to be spread equally over the whole body.

  • 4 powerful vibration motors incorporated in the Power Andullator

    The supplementary vibration motors reinforce the vibration motors at leg level.

  • 2 powerful vibration motors incorporated in the Belt Andullator

    Two more vibration motors produce impulses at the belly and torso level.

Intensive infrared warmth

Infrared warmth is a tested therapeutic procedure allowing pain alleviation and regeneration. Six infrared warmth sensors create a state of profound and benefic relaxation. A pleasant warmth is produced by short IR waves in a frequency between 780 and 1400 nm. Warmth can enhance the healing process because the blood vessels dilate. Consequently, blood irrigation increases and the supply of nutritive substances to cellular tissue is activated. Moreover, the benefic warmth effect eliminates painful deep-rooted muscular tensions. Especially in case of inflammation, infrared warmth can enhance the elimination of inflammatory substances, thanks to a better irrigation.

ANDUMEDIC® 3 Pro­fes­sio­nal Manual control:
Pain alleviation, wellness and regeneration
by pressing a button

The most frequently used programs

The ANDUMEDIC® 3 Pro­fes­sio­nal has a total of 6 Basic and 14 Medical Programmes.... The intensity levels of the motors and the infrared depth radiators are pre-set. The intensity can be controlled and switched off, however, within each programme individually.

Program 2

Beneficial for the muscular system and the back

Program 2 soothes muscle pain and cramping. It acts in a vitalising way, enhances physical well-being and stimulates the metabolism.

Program 3

For deacidification and detoxification

Program no 3 stimulates the lymphatic stream and so enhances deacidification and detoxification. The venous return is improved, and the connective tissue is strengthened.

Program 6

For stimulation of the reflexology zones of the feet

There is a connection between the reflexology zones of the feet and the individual corresponding body organs. When these different points are treated with massage, the whole body is stimulated.

Program 8

for chronic back pain

The program alleviates chronic back pain in the lumbar area, and sciatica.

Program 10

In case of pain due to arthritis, rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis and osteoporosis

Program no 10 can help alleviate arthralgia in case of arthritis and rheumatism.

Program 15

In case of pain due to fibromyalgia

Apply program no 15 in case of pain due to fibromyalgia. The domination of a stimulus by another stimulus can help diminishing muscular pains and cramps. Moreover, endorphins are liberated in the body, which in a supplementary way can enhance pain alleviation.

Program 16

In case of complaints due to circulatory problems

Stimulate your blood circulation. Program 16 of ANDUMEDIC® 3 supports circulation, stimulates and revitalises.

Program 18

For harmonious sleep and stress reduction

The relaxation of the muscular system together with a good frequency can enhance profound relaxation and stimulate the production of the energy necessary for a balanced sleeping-waking rhythm.

Optional accesory:
Supplement your therapy plan

The Belt An­dul­la­tor:
For a more effective treatment

Thanks to multidirectional impulses, the belt more efficiently effects on the body. Two supplementary vibration motors extend the use spectrum. This is really a practical application!

The Power-An­dul­la­tor:
For a stable position of the legs

The high-performance Power Andullator stabilises the legs of your patients during the application of the Andullation. Because the legs are positioned higher, the body is lying in the ideal heart-balance position so the patient can relax during the treatment and the cardiovascular system is relieved.

The premium support:
for comfortable use

Safe placing thanks to the 6 stainless steel legs. The material of the bearing surface goes very well together with the cover color. This accessory simplifies the daily use of the ANDUMEDIC®3 and offers supplementary comfort and relaxation.

Optional extras: Top off your therapy plan

The hhp wellness blanket intensifies the pleasant warmth sensation while using.
The hhp carrying case for easy transport of the ANDUMEDIC® 3 Professional. Thus the treatment of your patients is possible away from the office.
The hhp “Four Elements” CD collection, including the Relax Mask, supports your treatment. Allow your patients to forget the daily treadmill.
Our high-quality tea offers the perfect supplement to your treatment and adds to the holistic well-being of your patients. For a perfect start into the day and for a gentle way to conclude the evening.

ANDUMEDIC® 3Pro­fes­sio­nal

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