The paradox of our era

We live in an era of remarkable technological progress in many fields. Health standards have improved to such an extent in developed countries that predictions forecast a jump in life expectancy in the decades ahead. Reaching the ripe old age of one hundred won’t be an exception anymore. It will have become the norm.

And yet, in spite of increased living standards, the number of mild disabilities and chronic diseases have shown a sharp and alarming increase. Many of these lifestyle-related ailments, such as stress, burnout, obesity and cardiovascular pathologies, are placing additional pressure on healthcare systems. In the long run, this situation will prove unsustainable for our modern healthcare systems. This is why hhp was founded – we view healthcare from a different perspective and in the process, provide innovative solutions to the problems faced by our customers.

Our vision and mission

hhp is a company unlike any other. In fact, we’re more than a company. We’re a philosophy which has tens of thousands of followers and adepts across Europe. We believe that the way we’ll take care of our health in the future is going through a fundamental change. And we’re not alone in believing this either.

At the heart of all our activities is the desire and ambition to support people in improving the quality of their own lives. From our company’s initial launch, our goal at hhp has been to help people to help themselves in their efforts to take care of their health and to live more healthy lifestyles. Our vision is both simple and ambitious: to make self-care available to everyone.

This is why we present ourselves as a self-care company. We’re on a crusade to empower people with renewed hope and confidence. We achieve this with products, information and services that make it easier for us all to take care of minor ailments or chronic conditions with the support and advice of a network of health professionals.

Our partners in the field

What we do would be impossible without the close relationships and partnerships we’ve established over the years with physiotherapists, GPs and other healthcare professionals – particularly those employed in the field of sport.

These professionals have come to trust our products and services, as they use them to dispense better care and a higher level of service to their patients. This is particularly the case when treatments are ongoing thanks to our products being available for use in the comfort of a patient’s home, making it easier to manage long-term conditions and facilitate regular follow-ups with patients.

Importance of self-care in European regions (in %)

Source: The Epposi Barometer -
Consumer Perceptions of Self-care in Europe -
Quantitative Study 2013

The self-care principle

We believe that the days where citizens were simply passive recipients of healthcare are over. Our vision is one where we all play a more active role in managing our own health by making daily choices on exercise, diet and self-medication.

Self-care is about individual members of society taking action to alleviate the symptoms of disabilities themselves; to help manage disease and ailments while improving their overall health and quality of life. The concept of self-care has gained wide acceptance in Europe, with nine out of ten consumers viewing it as a vital part of the management and prevention of minor ailments, chronic conditions and diseases.

Research and clinical studies

Clinical studies are being carried out all over Europe in different clinics and sports centres. We also carry out in vitro and in vivo research projects to develop innovative treatment strategies on the basis of Andullation® technology. We do this through the support of the International Association for Andullation® Technology (IAAT) which initiates, coordinates and monitors these activities.

Furthermore, we have also established strong relationships over the years with various associations committed to tackling the long-term effects of a multitude of diseases and chronic conditions. We continuously invite these partner associations to try out our products and put Andullation® technology to the test.

Add a smile to your life

A technology based on
the remarkable advances of Biophysics

Andullation® is a technology that is a direct result of the huge advances that have been made in the field of Biophysics. Biophysics applies the power of physics, chemistry and maths to understand health in order to prevent disease and invent new innovative cures. In simple terms, Biophysics is a bridge between biology and physics.

This interdisciplinary science is a source of innovation that has enabled remarkable progress in the treatment of disease. It was the science of Biophysics that revealed the structure of DNA in 1953; and it has given us medical imaging, pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators, kidney dialysis and radiation therapy, plus many other revolutionary medical technologies.

Andullation® is the result of Biophysical research, as its technology is based on the principles of physics and the mechanisms of biology. Andullation® technology is the application of mechanically generated vibrations in combination with infrared light, with the aim of stimulating cell metabolism and enhancing regeneration processes.

This is the field of research where hhp intends to play a growing role by developing and providing access to products and services that empower people to look after themselves, and in doing so, bring a smile back to their lives.