Pain relief

Chronic pain

Andullation can relieve pains deriving from various causes, such as back illnesses, fibromyalgia and arthrosis. Especially such pains occuring as a result of illness are usually connected with a long history of suffering that adversely affects the person’s quality of life. Andullation can help to restore quality of life by bringing about pain relief. This is where operating principle 2, the dampening down of the pain signals, comes into play. The pain relief is achieved via a long-term and regular application of the treatment. This brings about the production of the hormone endorphin. On the basis of a natural process, normal every-day life is enabled and quality of life is restored.

Acute pain

Acute pains due to phsysical exertion are no longer anything unusual. Andullation can bring about pain relief also in this case. Operating principle 2 is applied also for acute pains. Now, however, a brief application is already sufficient to superimpose the positive signals of the mechanical vibration over the pain signals.

Preventive precaution

Andullation is not only useful for existent pains, it also cares for preventive precaution in order to inhibit the arise of pain. With every application, we ensure with operating principle 1, that our cells are activated to produce more energy. This has a positive effect on our organs and thus on our general state of health. In addition, operating principle 5, stimulation of the flow of lymph fluid, ensures the removal and disposal of pathogens and protects us against illness. This gives us more vitality and enhances our resistance to illness.



Andullation is used to warm up the body in preparation for sporting activity. This increases the blood circulation and supplies the cells with more energy. No human body is capable of attaining the highest performance from scratch. An appropriate warm-up phase reduces the time needed to achieve highest performance and prevents pulled muscles. This effect is achieved through operating principle 3, the stimulation of the blood circulation, and operating principle 1, the production of energy in the cells.

Performance enhancement

The application of Andullation stimulates the cells to produce more energy. For one thing, this energy is needed to achieve the desired performance itself. However, the cell energy also has a positive influence on the functioning of the organs, the chief prerequisite for performance capability. Operating principle 1, energy production in the cells, enables the improvement of existing performance capacity.


Those who achieve oustanding physical performance should give their bodies the best possible support and create a counterbalance for the exertion imposed. Heavy physical exertion causes our muscles to harden, which impedes our blood circulation. This is where operating principle 3- stimulation of the blood circulation comes in. The Andullation oscillations loosen the muscles, promote the circulation of the blood and stimulate the flow of lymph fluid. In addition, this ensures the removal of waste matter produced by the body. This entire process ensures the optimal regeneration of the body and prevents muscle hardening.



To exert a positive influence on the ageing process, it is decisively important to stimulate collagenous material, which is found everywhere in our body, in bones, cartilage, senews, ligaments, joints, teeth, in the skin and in many other areas. It is an essential component of our connective tissue, which, among other things, ensures the softening of our skin contours. Thus, the level of collagenous material is recognizable by the appearance of the skin. If the collagenous material in our body is reduced, wrinkles appear, which make us look older. Operating principle 1, energy production in the cells – ensures the build-up of collagenous material due to the supply of energy. But also operating principle 3, stimulation of the blood circulation - and operating principle 4- release of relaxation mechanisms – accelerate this process by way of improved metabolism and the actuation of relaxation mechanisms. Improved metabolism ensures that materials for cell regeneration in the skin are transported and the end products of the metabolism are removed from the body. Since muscle hardening also causes the formation of wrinkles, it is essential to prevent this by loosening the muscles. In contrast to a treatment with Botox, no parts of the skin are paralyzed, but rather relaxation is achieved in a natural way from within.


The intensive stress of every-day life makes physical and mental regeneration increasingly difficult. The "burn-out" effect is no longer a rare occurrence. The cause of this is sustained negative stress, also referred to as distress. Distress can be caused by a variety of factors. Apart from external influences, they are usually mental strains that result in distress. Particularly in our daily working life, there are constantly increasing demands that have to be met. We frequently set ourselves excessively high aims that we are unable to achieve and that lead to distress. The way we cope with these demands determines our stress situation. Operating principle 4 - actuation of relaxation mechanisms – helps us to cope with the demands of every-day life by balancing the vegetative nervous system - and this on the basis of a natural process. This lowers the stress level and creates a protective shield. Hence, we ourselves determine how high the stress level is allowed to rise.


For physical and mental relaxation, our muscles have an important role to play. Exhausting activities and stress situations cause muscle hardening, which can be resolved. Andullation enables the muscles to be loosened, deep relaxation ensues and our whole body and mind can be regenerated. Stress can cause a variety of complaints. In the worst case, it leads to "burn-out". Sustained, negative stress is also referred to as distress. This is very often triggered by physical load. The way we cope with the demands of our jobs and daily lives determines our stress situation. Releasing our relaxation mechanisms helps us to cope with stress by balancing out our vegetative nervous system. The stress level falls and stress resistance rises.

Body shaping

DMetabolism constitutes a factor influencing our weight. The term relates to the processes that are needed for our bodily functions. Metabolic activity varies from person to person, which is why some people succeed more easily than others when trying to lose weight. In this, Andullation helps to boost the metabolism and thus has a favourable influence on weight reduction. To help in achieving weight loss, operating principle 3 stimulates the blood circulation and operating principle 5 gets the lymph flow moving. Operating principle 3, enables our body to absorb important nutrients that boost our vitality and operating principle 5, disposes of the metabolic waste products. Both of these operating principles are constituent components of the metabolic activity, which, in this way, is accelerated by the application of Andullation.