Operating principle 1:Energy production in the cells

Cells – the energy suppliers of our body

In order to work, our cells need energy, which is provided by the ATP (Adenosintriphosphate) molecule. Deprived of energy, our cells perish. However, when sufficient energy is available, our cells are usually healthly – which reflects itself in our organs. Well-functioning, individual organs are the prerequisite for our overall health.

External factors influencing our cells

Our cells reproduce themselves regularly, creating identical copies of their predecessors equipped with everything a cell needs to live. This is a very sensitive process, which is therefore susceptible to disruptions. Unhealthy nutrition, the natural ageing process, stress and environmental influences put a strain on our cells. Their capacity to produce energy and to regenerate is reduced and loses its vitality. Our habitual lifestyle is therefore directly reflected in each individual cell. Hence, we ourselves also influence the state of health of our organs. In this way, loss of energy not only manifests itself in the cells themselves, but rather corresponds accordingly with a loss of life energy.

Increasing the energy in our cells

The Andullation generates electric micro-currents by mechanical vibration, which penetrate into our cells and stimulate the production of ATP. For this, infrared deep-heat facilitates the penetration of the mechanical vibrations into our body. This process ensures that the amount of energy in our cells is increased, which, in turn, has a positive effect on our organs and thus on our health.

Principle 2:Superimposition over the pain signals

Andullation enables a neurophysiologic and hormonal superimposition over the pain signals. In the first instance, the mechanical vibration triggers positive signals in our body that dispel the negative pain signals. As a result of this superimposition, our brain receives an increasing number of positive signals that relieve the pain. In the second instance, the regular application of Andullation brings about the release of endorphin, which is also known as the "body's own pain reliever", which have a significantly stronger pain dulling effect.

Principle 3:Stimulation of the blood circulation

Many complaints are attributable to inadequate blood circulation. Our blood makes sure that our body is supplied with nutrients. If our blood circulation is inadequate, a smaller and smaller number of nutrients find their way into our organism and we become tired and ill. There is a difference between the flow of healthy versus unhealthy blood. The corpuscles of unhealthy blood stick to one another and become wrinkly. Thus the blood corpuscles loose vitality and transport a diminishing amount of nutrients. Andullation gets the blood circulation moving and separates the corpuscles from one another. Thus the flow of blood is increased and a larger quantity of the nutrients needed is again transported. We feel healthy and more lively again.

Bad blood circulation
Blood circulation after a 15-minute Andullation application

Study: The influence of ANDUMED programmes on microcirculation in the human cardiovascular system (Prof. Dr. Ing. habil. M. Krauß et al.)

Principle 4:The actuation of relaxation mechanisms

Physiological relaxation

Exhausting activity causes muscle tension in the body. Then, the affected muscles no longer receive sufficient nutrients, which causes pain. Andullation widens the blood vessels with infrared deep-heat and improves with mechanical vibration a better blood supply to the muscles. Nutrients are again absorbed and tensions are relieved.

Mental relaxation

Stress has a negative effect on the vegetative nervous system, which comprises a stimulating part (sympathetic) and a calming part (parasympathetic). In a stress situation, the sympathetic level is higher than needed. Andullation restores the balance by generating positive signals with the mechanical vibration, which counteract the negative sympathetic signals. The infrared deep heat brings the vibrations deeper into the tissue. This reduces the stress.

Principle 5:Stimulation of the flow of lymph fluid

Lymph fluid is a watery, slightly cloudy, milky fluid in the lymph vessels of the body. It has a detoxicating function and plays a significant role in draining body fluids from the body tissue. This is important because, in this way, the superfluous tissue fluid can be drained away in the lymph vessels and can then be further processed in the metabolic process. This involves substances like fats and proteins which, because of their size, cannot penetrate the capillary walls into the blood vessels to be further processed there. The lymphatic system, besides the blood circulation, is the most important transport system in the human body and is specialized in transporting nutrients and waste materials and, above all, disposes of pathogenic germs, such as bacteria and foreign bodies. Andullation stimulates the flow of lymph fluid and gets it moving. In this way, Andullation ensures improved metabolism on the side of the lymphatic system and hence for a more stable immune system in that illnesses are prevented by the disposal of pathogens.