How it works

A revolutionary way to tackle water retention and control body weight naturally

In many instances, water retention is actually quite a helpful signal, because it lets us know that something is out of balance in the body. It’s really just the body’s way of taking steps to protect itself.This is why it is important to understand what causes water retention by consulting a physician, so you can keep your body in a state of optimal fluid flow.

The ANDUBALANCE® can be a precious ally in this process. It has been specifically developed to help alleviate the symptoms of water retention. Andullation® technology generates mechanical vibrations which stimulate the lymphatic and venous systems, forcing more fluid out of the tissues.

The ANDUBALANCE® can also help control your body weight by losing water naturally without regaining it. This is because Andullation® boosts metabolism, meaning important nutrients can be absorbed more easily into the body. Conversely, waste products are disposed of more efficiently too, favourably influencing weight reduction.

Start each day with a smile by reducing water retention effectively

Fluid retention occurs when there is an accumulation of fluid in the circulatory system and/or body tissues, and when the body cannot get rid of this excess water. If the blood and lymph flow function inadequately, the excess fluid will remain in the tissues, causing swelling.

The ANDUBALANCE® has been specifically engineered to alleviate the symptoms of peripheral fluid retention in the limbs, especially in the legs, ankles, hands, feet and abdomen.

Andullation® therapy increases the flow capacity of the lymph system, allowing it to evacuate up to ten times more fluid than normal. Hhp has carried out specific research in this area and found that the whole body vibrations delivered during Andullation® significantly increased the lymph flow, potentially facilitating fluid resorption from the tissues*. As a result, the ANDUBALANCE® provides a form of lymph drainage because it helps the body's lymphatic system evacuate excess fluids in a natural healthy way, without the intake of drugs or diuretics.However, Andullation® therapy with the ANDUBALANCE® is only truly beneficial when combined with a healthy lifestyle; one which favours balanced nutrition, drinking sufficient amounts of water, reducing salt intake and avoiding inactivity.

* Reference: Spectrophotometric determination of lymph node dye accumulation after short exposure to multidirectional vibrations (Andullation®) and local massage in mice – Department of Rehabilitation Research, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.

Control your body weight by losing water naturally without regaining it

Some people follow a healthy diet plan for years, but still find it difficult to lose weight and achieve a pleasing figure. Their food metabolism is determined by their morphology and age-related factors – sometimes the real problem isn’t fat, but fluid retention. If this is the case, it can be very difficult to keep a stable weight.

The ANDUBALANCE® is unique because it boosts metabolism, which favourably influences weight reduction. Important nutrients can be absorbed and metabolised more easily in our body cells, and waste products are disposed of more efficiently.

Andullation® technology makes this metabolic process possible by activating the mitochondria: the energy factories in our cells. By producing more cellular energy – the so-called ATP – our metabolism also gets a boost. This means that Andullation® not only increases a person’s metabolic rate, but also eliminates waste more effectively.

Avoid the ‘yoyo’ effect

When you stop dieting or decide to follow a diet less strictly, our body likes to reconstruct fatty tissue even in places where muscle tissue was previously burned. This explains the ‘yoyo’ effect. In many cases where body weight was lost, it’s rapidly picked-up again.

The ANDUBALANCE® plays a meaningful role in counterbalancing and neutralising this frustrating effect. Thanks to Andullation® technology, our internal combustion engine remains stimulated even after a diet. When ANDUBALANCE® is applied on a daily basis, the kilos you lose won’t return as soon as you stop dieting, or when the diet is followed less strictly.It’s essential to combine the many benefits of the ANDUBALANCE® with an appropriate diet and regular exercising. Prepare a nutritional plan that’s tailored to your needs with the help of a professional nutritionist. Once you lose excess water weight, be sure to continue your good eating and exercising habits for long-lasting weight maintenance.

Reduce cellulite and gain a firmer body.

Principle benefits of the ANDUBALANCE®

Natural easing of peripheral swelling

  • Reduces the feeling of puffiness
  • Enhances mobility
  • Improves wellbeing

Weight management

  • Improves body shaping
  • Limits the ‘yoyo’ effect
  • Lets you enjoy a firmer body

Feel younger and combat the signs of ageing.

  • Reduce cellulite and tighten skin
  • Attenuate wrinkles and enjoy smoother skin
  • Delay the ageing process

Another annoying consequence of retaining water is cellulite – no matter how hard you exercise or diet, it can become very challenging to lose and even more difficult to regain a firm skin. 

An effective way to tackle cellulite and obtain a firmer body is to stimulate collagen production. In fact, collagen has been used for a long time by the beauty industry to combat the signs of ageing. Collagen is a form of fibrous protein that’s very prominent in the body. In a lot of human tissues (bone, cartilage and muscles) collagen cooperates with another protein called elastin which provides strength and firmness to our tissues. As we grow older, the collagen proteins in our body break down, and their production declines naturally. This ageing process leads to thinning of the skin, wrinkles and brittle hair.

Andullation® technology is a non-invasive therapy that improves and stimulates collagen production. It does this by indirectly stimulating the mitochondria to produce more energy. This cellular energy is vital to maintain all our body processes. One of these processes is the production of collagen through the so-called piezoelectric effect. Due to the mechanical vibrations generated by Andullation®, the collagen proteins shrink and extend, thereby continuously producing electric micro-currents which enhance the regeneration functions, as well as the production of new collagen. This makes your skin look firmer and more smooth, and ensures lines and wrinkles are reduced.