Our commitment to quality

    Since the launch of our professional system, the ANDUMEDIC® more than ten years ago, we’ve made great strides in further developing our technology and adding new features and components to our rapidly growing product range. Over these years, ensuring the highest level of quality has always been of the utmost importance to us, with proof coming from our long list of satisfied customers and professional partners.

    Handmade in Germany

    The best way to control the quality of your product is to make it yourself – which is exactly what we do at hhp. Every ANDUBALANCE® is hand-assembled with premium leatherette, the best motors available on the market, and state-of-the-art wiring. The ANDUBALANCE® is exclusively produced in Leinefelde-Worbis, Germany, by our certificate holder – METEK GmbH – where the entire production process is subject to the most stringent quality tests. This enables us to consistently guarantee the highest possible quality standards.

    ANDUBALANCE® remote control

    The hand control unit lets you select the duration of the treatment, allowing you to make personalised adjustments to the desired programme to suit your needs and the recommendations of your hhp health coach. Although the intensity levels of the andullators and heating elements are preset, they can be modulated in intensity and deactivated separately within each programme. The ANDUBALANCE® offers no less than ten wellness programmes in total.

    • Program 1
      Warm-up and wellness program

      Helps you to warm up more efficiently; reduces muscle tension; improves your quality of life.

    • Program 2
      In-depth Andullation® and vitalisation of muscles

      Revitalises; gives you fresh energy; increases the feeling of well-being.

    • Program 3
      Stimulation of the lymph system

      Stimulation of the lymph flow; improves the venous return.

    • Program 4
      Impulse Andullation® for improved blood flow

      Attenuates muscle cramps; stimulates blood flow.

    • Program 5

      Deep relaxation; stress reduction; helps with sleep disorders.

    • Program 6
      Foot reflexology

      Stimulates circulation in the lower legs and feet; activates lymph and blood flow.

    • Program 7
      Power Napping

      Provides instant relaxation.

    • Program 8
      Activation of the metabolism

      Brings body fluids in motion. Ideal for reducing the swelling caused by peripheral water retention.

    • Program 9
      Attenuation of abdominal fat

      Reduces abdominal fat thanks to the Andullation® belt. Firmly buckle for a flat belly and slim figure.

    • Program 10
      Beauty Program

      Stimulates collagen production and activates blood flow.

    ANDUBALANCE® - a certified wellness device for reducing water retention and controlling your body weight

    The highest possible quality standards

    The ANDUBALANCE® is a certified, highly technical wellness product, which conforms to the most stringent German safety, reliability and quality norms. The ANDUBALANCE® has been tested as a Class 2 A product and complies thoroughly with the German Medical Products Act. The ANDUBALANCE® is also patented and registered under the IR trademark number: 0954220 and offers a full two-year manufacturers’ warranty.

    The ANDUBALANCE® comes standard with:

    • 10 Andullators
    • 2 years Premium Warranty
    • 10 wellness programmes
    • Easy to maintain and wear resistant
    • Free collection in case of defect

    Key features of the ANDUBALANCE® include:

    1. Andullators – the engines that drive the ANDUBALANCE®

    The ANDUBALANCE® is a sophisticated machine. At its heart is nine ‘andullators’ or motors, each of which is programmed with different amplitudes and frequencies that change every five seconds. Given that modulation of the frequencies and amplitudes occurs randomly rather than in a fixed pattern, no habituation happens making it possible to apply Andullation® sessions for longer periods of time with the same effectiveness throughout.

    2. Thermodynamic heating elements

    The base mattress includes two heating elements for warming-up and relaxing both the back and legs. The warming effect ensures a deeper penetrability of the vibrations, and produces a soothing and relaxing warmth where it’s applied.

    3. Base element mattress

    The ANDUBALANCE® mattress is easy to fold-up and transport. You can use it just about anywhere by placing the ANDUBALANCE® on a bed or any other flat surface.

    4. Infrared neck pillow

    The head cushion ensures an optimal position of the neck during Andullation® sessions, and is equipped with one infrared light.

    Optional accessories to get the most out of the ANDUBALANCE®

    The Belt Andullator

    With its dedicated andullator, the Andullation® belt intensifies the impulses on the abdomen and trunk, and is therefore an important addition for people seeking to control their weight by losing water in these areas.

    Premium base frame

    The six stainless steel legs of the specially fitted base frame make it very convenient to set-up the ANDUBALANCE® and ensure optimal stability of the system.