The ANDUVET is very suitable for equestrian sport. The vibration motors, equally spread within the horse blanket, produce mechanical vibrations. These vibrations allow a very profound relaxation of tense muscles. Muscular and joint pain can also be alleviated by using the ANDUVET.

Optimal injury prevention through relaxation of the muscular system

- Warming up before training

- Lo­cke­rung nach dem Trai­ning

- För­dert die Re­ge­ne­ra­ti­on

Energy for the muscular system

Only when you know how the muscular structure of a horse functions, can you make a realistic estimation of its performances. For instance, it’s necessary to make enough energy available to the horse for muscle building. Balanced nutrition and training form the basis for efficient performance enhancement. If, moreover, supplementary measures for relaxation and pain relief are taken, not only the owner, but also the animal are happier.

How does the muscular metabolism function?

In order to function, the muscular system needs fuel. By breaking food into its separate nutritive elements, the organism can use the energy stored in it, for physical purposes. In order to take advantage of this energy, our body uses adenosine triphosphate, which can be compared to a kind of basic currency. The so-called ATP, being a phosphate particularly rich in energy, it is the ‘muscular fuel’ par excellence. This energy is stored only in a limited quantity in muscle cells and in the event of great physical effort it is consumed very rapidly. Through physical effort, chemical energy is transmuted into dynamic energy and heat.

Optimal training

Efficient warming up and sufficient regeneration phases improve the effect of a work-out.

How does the ANDUVET ensure relaxation and regeneration?

The relaxation effect of the ANDUVET is based on mechanical vibrations generating electrical micro-currents in the body. Because of this, cells are stimulated, more ATP is produced and, consequently, the energy amount of energy in our cells is increased. This biological energy stimulates the regeneration process, supports natural physical functions and enhances the metabolism. This facilitates regeneration in the long term.

The vibrations ensure a deep relaxation of the musculature and can improve the elimination of deep-rooted tensions. Several applications can be found to be useful in equestrian sports. On the one hand, relaxing the muscular system before physical effort is very important and can help limit the risk of injuries. The massage-like application is also useful after a competition. The lasting effect of the mechanical vibrations can aid in releasing endorphins, and in pain alleviation.

Stochastic resonance:


These thermographical recordings were part of a study done on 67 horses. They indicate the degree of blood irrigation before, during and after using the ANDUVET.

Before use, body and limbs are apparently very cold.After about 8 minutes of application, blood irrigation slowly improves.15 minutes after use, a very strong increase of blood irrigation takes place reaching also the deeper muscular layers.