Pro­duct De­tails

The comfortable horse blanket is a blessing for your animal. In equestrian sport, horses are often pushed to extreme limits of performance, a relaxing counterpoise for this physical load is very welcome. The ANDUVET is meant for warming up and loosening the musculature before and after performances. Moreover, it can be used as a support for pain alleviation.

  • Based on stochastic vibration therapy
  • Quality 'made in Germany'
  • Material that breathes
  • User friendly

Relaxation and regeneration just by pushing a button

What is good for people, can also help animals. Our horse blanket is based on the same principles as the ANDUMEDIC® and works with stochastic resonance in order to neutralize the habituation effect. The application of mechanical vibrations is a tested principle in physiotherapeutic treatments.
The ANDUVET has 18 integrated vibration motors transmitting equal vibrations upon the body. Three programs and intensity degrees allow an optimal and individually regulable application.

Pro­gram­s Function
War­ming Up Easing and vitalizing
Mas­sa­ge Relieves pain
Relax Relaxation after contest

Lasting effect

The horse's musculature and tissues are better irrigated and released. The ANDUVET ensures optimal and deep relaxation and can enhance pain relief for your horse.


Our purpose: the best for your animal

The positive influence of mechanical vibrations upon the human body has been examined and confirmed often. But other animals, can benefit from these positive effects as well. Learn which observations have been made with the use of our products here.

Not only riders, but also vets were able to contribute to the development of the ANDUVET and share the totality of their expertise. The veterinary of the German dressage and jump team, Dr Björn Nolting, has fully participated in the development of the product. The ANDUVET is now used by veterinaries, in horse clinics and in professional equestrian sport.

“Made in Germany” guarantees the highest quality.

How to use the ANDUVET for my animal?

To get the best results, it is important that the horse blanket fits the body of the animal closely so the body heat can be reflected. The more body heat the horse produces, the greater the effect. With 18 vibration motors, ANDUVET acts on all main muscle groups – from the neck to the shoulders and back to the croup and the back hand muscle


The best for your animal