How it works

    The ideal companion to energise and warm-up muscles before things get serious

    Stretching and warming-up muscles is a necessary and important part of taking part in any sporting activity. The ANDUFLEX® has been designed and engineered to simplify and enhance the effects of warm-up sessions and increase muscle stamina. The ANDUFLEX® has already been widely praised by football players and their coaches as an efficient way to stimulate muscles before taking to the pitch.

    The secret of the ANDUFLEX® lies in the Andullation® technology. The vibrations generated by Andullation® create electric micro-currents which stimulate the production of our own made energy, the so-called adenosine triphosphate molecules or ATP. For this, infrared deep-heat facilitates the penetration of the mechanical vibrations into our body. This process ensures that the amount of energy in our cells is increased, which helps to warm up the muscles, giving them renewed energy (for more details, please refer to Principle 1 in the Andullation® Principles section).

    Blood circulation is an important part of our body's overall function and health. Our heart pumps blood through blood vessels within our circulatory system, and red blood cells have the specific task of carrying oxygen to our body's organs, providing vitality and energy. Andullation® helps increase the blood flow in the arteries and veins in the areas where it is applied, ensuring larger quantities of essential nutrients are transported to our organs, and at the same time greater amounts of waste products are discarded. This is the third principle of Andullation® (Principle 3), and explains how the ANDUFLEX® can help increase our body’s vitality and stamina.

    Accelerate recovery wherever you find yourself

    It’s after training and working-out that the ANDUFLEX® can provide real benefits. That’s because you can sit down and relax, and let the ANDUFLEX® do most of the recovery work for you, helping to accelerate the process.

    The concentrated warmth that results from the combined effect of Andullation® vibrations and infrared light helps blood vessels to dilate. This increases blood circulation and facilitates the supply of nutrients to all cellular tissues. In turn, the lymphatic flow is stimulated, enhancing the elimination of waste products from our body and reducing lactic acid build-up in muscles*.

    This is particularly useful for people who suffer from muscle stiffness and cramps because the ANDUFLEX® can help prevent these conditions by training in a smart way. The effects of the ANDUFLEX® are further boosted by lightly stretching any painful muscles, staying hydrated and resting sufficiently.

    (*Pastouret et al. 2013)

    Relaxing tense muscles has never been so convenient

    After any serious workout comes rest and recovery. If you’re wondering how to relax muscles to help strengthen your body and relieve stress at the same time, then the ANDUFLEX® is what you’ve been looking for.

    Any time you strain your muscles in a workout, you create microscopic tears in the muscle fibres. When they heal, these tiny tears will become stronger than they were before as long as you give your muscles enough time to recuperate. Recovery is accelerated through appropriate relaxation of our muscles.

    This is exactly what the combination of vibrations and infrared deep-heat used in Andullation® achieves: it widens the blood vessels in a way that improves blood supply to the muscles. Nutrients are absorbed and any muscle tensions which cause discomfort or pain are relieved. (Principle 4)

    Principle benefits of the ANDUFLEX®

    Muscle stimulation
    • Accelerates warm-up
    • Enhances performance
    • Helps limit the risk of injury
    Accelerates recovery
    • Muscles recuperate more quickly
    • Facilitates the elimination of waste products
    • Reduces lactic acid build-up
    Assists relaxation
    • Reduces muscle tension
    • Provides relief from pain and discomfort
    • Alleviates stress

    How to use ANDUFLEX®

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