Client references

    “I don’t enjoy warming-up before a match, but I know how important it is. The ANDUFLEX® has made the warm-up process easier and much less of a chore. I can stay seated and prepare myself mentally while the ANDUFLEX® does most of the work.

    I’d never considered technology like it before, but it’s really made a difference to the way I train.”.

    Nacer Chadli

    Nacer is a professional footballer who doesn’t need much of an introduction. His commitment to football started at a very early age, and his perseverance and ambition has led to a meteoric career. As an athlete, Chadli wants to incorporate the best available technology into his training, both on and off the pitch, so his coach suggested he should give the ANDUFLEX® a try in an attempt to make warm-up sessions more compelling. Nacer was so impressed with the results that he now regularly uses the ANDUFLEX® after his matches to fast-track his recovery process and help reduce cramps, and it has become a central part of his training program.

    Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the ANDUFLEX®

    It’s been a technical challenge for our engineers to fit the principles of Andullation® (mechanically induced vibrations and infrared light) into such a compact and versatile device. The result, however, has exceeded our expectations, giving Andullation® a whole new range of uses for every possible sport, fitness level or workout programme.

    The testimonies we’ve received show just how varied our customers’ needs and motivations are for using the ANDUFLEX®. The flexibility of this device means it can be applied to different groups of muscles either for stimulation and warm-up, or for recovery and relaxation. And because it’s so easy to carry, the ANDUFLEX® can be used practically anywhere, including in the middle of your favourite sporting ground.

    Monique Dupont

    My fitness programme is really important to me, as it helps me take the pressure off a really demanding job. The best investment I’ve made recently has been the ANDUFLEX®. I found the exact colour I was looking for to go with the rest of my equipment, and as for getting me prepared and warmed-up for my daily fitness sessions, it’s worked miracles.”

    Frans de Smet

    “As a long time jogger, I’m a fan of how technology has brought this sport to another level. The developments in running shoes and technical clothes have been amazing and I’ve also invested in a sport watch, which is like having your own personal running coach right on your wrist. But the best addition to my equipment has been the ANDUFLEX®. It helps me recuperate after a run, and has really become part of my running routine.”

    Johan Stevens

    “My wife and I have been hiking ever since we met each other – it’s become a love affair in its own right. We’ve hiked just about everywhere in Europe, but the one thing that’s really improved our hiking rituals has been the ANDUFLEX®. My wife enjoys using it in our caravan to warm up her thigh muscles before we start our treks, but I prefer using it once we get back to help recover from the effort.”

    “Barefoot runners like me are always looking for ways to go minimal – it’s part of our running philosophy. That’s why we’re not always keen to use devices to help us train. But the ANDUFLEX® is in a category of its own. It’s the only device that really adds value to my running by helping me to recover more swiftly from the marathons I take part in. And the quicker I recuperate, the more ready I feel for the next challenge.”

    Guy Leblanc

    Guy is a barefoot runner. In fact, he’s been running barefoot for as long as he can remember; inspired as a student by the story of Ethiopia’s Abebe Bikila, who in 1960 defied all odds by winning the Olympic Marathon running barefoot.

    Running without shoes has always given Guy the feeling of being closer to nature. Pushing the limits of his endurance has never been an issue for him, as he always takes the time to rest and recuperate after long runs in the countryside. This is where the ANDUFLEX® has been his biggest ally by reducing the build-up of lactic acid in his muscles. And he can also use it practically anywhere as soon as he’s finished running because it’s so compact and easy to transport.

    “I knew the colours of the ANDUFLEX® would be an instant success, but I’m surprised by how regularly my students use the device to help them relax and recover.

    I’m now using it myself on a daily basis, and I’m feeling so much better for it.

    Martine Vercruys

    Martine was a professional ballet dancer in her youth. She later set up a ballet and dance school which has given her the opportunity to make a living from her passion. She was approached by hhp in the early phases of development of the ANDUFLEX® to help test the prototypes, as well as gauging reactions of the product among her students.

    The bright colours of the ANDUFLEX® were instantly appealing, but more importantly, Martine’s students started regularly using the device when they realised how easily it helped them to relax their tense muscles, relieve stress and, because they felt calm and tranquil, increase their concentration levels during warm-up and recovery sessions.

    Martine is also using the ANDUFLEX® regularly herself, especially after highly intense performances that zap her energy. She feels that a session with the ANDUFLEX® is just what her body needs to release muscle tension and help her whole being to feel more peaceful and relaxed.