Our commitment to quality

    The ANDUFLEX® is produced to the same high-quality standards as all our other self-care devices. Every ANDUFLEX® is hand-assembled in Germany where the entire production process is subject to the most stringent quality controls.

    We only use professional grade andullators (motors) that have been selected specifically for their long lifecycles. We also use premium leatherette which is antibacterial, nano-treated for easy cleaning, and UV-protected for increased wear-resistance.

    We want our customers to enjoy the benefits of our products for as long as possible, which is why we ensure that the ANDUFLEX® is manufactured with the highest level of quality in mind, and all models come with a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Made in Germany

    ANDUFLEX® fitness programs

    The ANDUFLEX® comes with three simple and easy-to-use programmes as standard, which are ideal for those who like to work out or follow a regular fitness regime. For each programme you can select the duration of the session, adjust the intensity levels of the andullators and infrared elements, and even deactivate one of the two zones.

    Program 1
    Warm-up and muscle stimulation

    This programme centres on in-depth impulse Andullation®, which is ideal to warm up and stimulate muscles efficiently. It heightens stamina levels by increasing energy production in the cells (Principle 1) and stimulating blood circulation (Principle 3). For further details, please see the website section dedicated to the Andullation® Principles.

    Program 3
    Muscle relaxation

    The Andullation® vibrations generate an impulse to our sensory nerves that immediately creates a relieving and soothing effect. This makes this particular programme a fantastic way to relax and loosen up after sporting activities (Principle 4).

    Program 2
    Muscle recovery

    This program is recommended to help reduce muscle tension* and support recuperation processes** after mild to intense physical activity. Andullation® vibrations help improve the body’s lymphatic flow (Principle 5), aiding the elimination of waste products from our body and reducing lactic acid build-up in muscles.
    (*Kovarova et al. 2014) (**Pastouret et al. 2013)

    With the advice of our partner physiotherapists, hhp has established different body positions and postures that help maximize the effects of the Anduflex® to ensure quicker and more efficient recuperation.
    The Andullation® massage can benefit different groups of muscles and areas of the body. These include: 1. the feet, 2. calves, 3. shin, 4. thigh muscles, 5. back muscles and 6. buttocks. We invite users of the Anduflex® to experiment alternative postures that make you feel relaxed and give you an enhanced feeling of recuperation.

    An ANDUFLEX® session should optimally last between 15 and 30 minutes.

    ANDUFLEX® – a certified fitness device for warming-up and energising muscles, as well as relaxing and relieving muscle tensions.

    The highest possible quality standards

    The ANDUFLEX® is a certified fitness product which conforms to the most stringent German safety, reliability and quality norms. The ANDUFLEX® is also patented and offers a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    The following features come as standard on the ANDUFLEX®:

    • Two professional grade andullators (motors)
    • Two infrared lights
    • A fastening belt
    • Three wellness programs
    • Premium nano-treated leatherette for easy cleaning
    • Anti-bacterial and UV-protected material for increased wear-resistance
    • Two-year warranty

    Key features of the ANDUFLEX® include:

    1. Andullators – the engines that drive the ANDUFLEX®

    The ANDUFLEX® is equipped with two professional grade ‘andullators’ or motors, each of which is programmed with different amplitudes and frequencies that change every five seconds. They do this randomly rather than in a fixed pattern, meaning the body doesn’t get acclimatised to the vibrations, making it possible to apply Andullation® in fitness and workout programmes for longer periods of time with the same effectiveness throughout.

    2. Infrared warmth

    The ANDUFLEX® is equipped with two infrared elements. By choosing the appropriate program, the body zones where the infrared light is applied can either be warmed-up and stimulated, or muscle tensions can be relieved as part of the recovery process. The infrared effect allows the vibrations to penetrate the body more deeply, and also produces a soothing and relaxing warmth in the area it’s applied to.

    3. Dual-zone configuration

    The ANDUFLEX® is configurated into two zones which can be operated separately – left and right.. This is convenient when, for example, the muscles in your left thigh are particularly painful or subject to cramps and need special attention.

    4. Specially designed biofoam

    The ANDUFLEX® is made out of a special foam that has been designed so thighs, calves and underarms fit comfortably onto the device. This enhances the effects of the Andullation® vibrations on these specific areas, although the ANDUFLEX® has also been morphologically designed to be used on the torso and buttocks, with a weight-bearing of up to 120 kilograms.

    5. Colours for every taste

    To ensure that ANDUFLEX® fits in with your lifestyle, it’s available in a choice of five different colours: taupe, fuchsia, green, orange and pink.

    6. Carrying bag

    The professional hhp carry bag makes it even easier to take the ANDUFLEX® with you. Simply pack it in and off you go.

      • Red
      • Pastel green
      • Pastel blue
      • Beige
      • Dark blue
      • Orange
      • Light blue

    Get the most out of the ANDUFLEX® with these optional accessories

    Battery kit

    To enjoy the benefits of the ANDUFLEX® when you’re out and about without access to an AC power supply, simply add one of our bespoke battery packs for increased flexibility and autonomy.